This course assumes knowledge of epidemiology but does not assume knowledge of R. It is intended to introduce epidemiologists to R for their research.

  • For each topic, there is an online tutorial that can be completed online without installing R on your desktop. Complete these before doing the homework assignments.
  • The reading suggestions are from Hadley Wickham’s free ebook R for Data Science. These are optional readings that can serve as a supplement to the tutorials for students who find them helpful.
  • See the Resources page for instructions about how to best organize homework files to facilitate loading datasets.

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# Topic Tutorials Homework Optional Reading
1 Introduction to R Intro to R Homework Setup Workflow basics
Scripts Tibbles
Data import Strings
Factors Vectors
2 View and summarize data Prevalence Homework 02 Data Transformation
3 Make calculations with data Incidence Homework 03 Data Transformation
4 Write functions Functions Homework 04 Functions
5 Iterations Iteration Homework 05 Iteration
6 Data visualization Data visualization Homework 06 Data visualization
7 Working with relational data Relational data Homework 07 Tidy data
Relational data
8 Epidemiologic data analysis Data analysis Homework 08a
Homework 08b
Homework 08c
Model basics
9 Reproducible workflows RMarkdown Homework 09 RMarkdown